Transfer Memo to: Senior Staff

Posted on Sun Jan 27th, 2013 @ 4:38pm by Captain Conrad Lunir Ph.D
Edited on on Sun Jan 27th, 2013 @ 6:37pm

Mission: Out of the Freezer, into the Frying Pan
Location: Offices of all Senior Staff Members
Timeline: Mission Day One (After "Change in the Wind")

TO: Senior Staff
FROM: Captain Conrad Lunir

As of this moment, I am temporary Commanding Officer of the USS Edison. As you will notice, I have ordered the ship at maximum warp to Starbase 80. Upon arrival, the majority of this crew will transfer to the New Orleans class vessel Cheron. This change comes directly from Task Force command, so it is not to be challenged or questioned.

You are hereby ordered to turn over operation control of your departments to your assistant chiefs and make the following decision in the privacy of your offices or quarters:

-Whom on your staff will join you aboard the USS Cheron, as its compliment is smaller than the Edison's?

-If you have the necessary to staff to operate this class of Vessel. If not, give reasons to the XO and transfers will be arranged.

I will come to each of you to discuss the fine details of this transfer shortly. Say your goodbyes to the Edison and once you've made your decisions, send them to me and I will put together a grand list and publish it to the crew. This is to be kept a secret until I have published the list, then I will enable you to answer any and all questions our crew might have. I understand the difficulty of these decisions, but they MUST be made in 10 hours, as we arrive at Starbase 80 in 20.

Godspeed and good Luck,

Cpt. Lunir
USS Edison, temp.

dictation taken by PO2 Cole, Cpt.'s Yeoman