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Change in the Wind

Posted on Wed Jan 23rd, 2013 @ 8:12pm by Captain Conrad Lunir Ph.D

Mission: Things Gone Awry in Gamma Hydra
Location: Captain's Quarters: USS Edison
Timeline: Mission Day One

USS Achilles]

Da`nal nodded to the monitor as he sat in his ready room. “Understood, it will be done.”

“We are not unmindful of the difficult position this situation could put you in. If you feel at any time incapable of…” The obvious stiffening of Da`nal’s posture made the Admiral from Starfleet Command cut short his sentence. “…my apologies. Keep us informed of any developments; Rittenhouse out.”

Da’nal pulled up the current locations and assignment on the ships in his task force to decide which would be given the honor of the assignment he had been tasked with handing out. Of the ships under his command only one was of a close proximity to execute the assignment within the time allowed. However the class of ship wasn’t strong enough, in his opinion, to send the proper message. As he was currently at a starbase he looked to see if there was a ship available that was more suited to the task…and there was. He grinned at the vessel’s name. The irony of the name and the assignment couldn’t be missed.

Summoning his Yeoman he waited until Lance came around the corner. “Yes sir.”

Looking up from his desk, “Lance contact the Dock Master and inform him to get the USS Cheron ready for departure and get me the Captain of the Edison.”

[USS Edison]

Lunir laid upon his bed, a PaDD in his hand and several more scattered around him. He rolled his eyes as he reached the end of the passage he was reading and reached for yet another PaDD.

“God, I don’t understand exactly HOW such complex security protocols seem plausible, but I hope getting away from this outpost isn’t NEARLY as hard as getting to it is.” He rose, with the PaDD in hand and went into the living space and looked outside. As the Edison was currently at maximum warp, the distant stars seemed even more untouchable, but yet more beautiful.

Remembering the task at hand, he sat down on the couch, crossed his foot over his knee, sighed, and set into his PaDD. After approximately thirty seconds, his comm badge went off. He hit it in frustration.


“This is Cole, sir. You are being hailed by Admiral Da’nal. Would you like it in your quarters or ready room?”

“I’ll take it here, Cole. Thank you.” Lunir searched his mind to find an explanation for the hail, and all he could think of were more protocols, codes, files, etc. He put his PaDD on the small table directly in front of him, pulled on his duty jacket, and forced a smile onto his face before moving to his desk and activating the console.

As the CO off the USS Edison came into view Lance nodded. =^= Evening Captain, stand-by for Admiral Da`nal. =^=

Lunir recognized the Admiral’s yeoman. =^=Aye, yeoman. =^=

[USS Achilles]

Lance nodded and transferred the communication from his terminal to the Admiral’s.

Da`nal was waiting and as the monitor came to life he looked at the Captain and noticed that the setting was in his quarters and not the bridge or ready room. “Did I catch you at a bad time Captain?

“No, sir. We’re on beta shift here, and I took the opportunity to get out of the office to prepare for the investigation here.”

Accepting the explanation at face value he got right to the point. “I have new orders for you. Raids along the Romulan-Klingon border continue even as the Federation relief efforts continue. You are relieve of you present assignment and are ordered to report to Starbase 80 to take command off the USS Cheron. It has just completed refit and trials so the ship will be ready for you when you arrive.”

Now I don’t want to break up a ship crew but you will not be able to take everyone with you. So during you journey here you are to prepare to transfer; I want you in and out within 12 hours.”

A bit annoyed, Lunir leaned forward. “Sir, pardon my protest, but twelve hours is hardly long enough to make such a drastic decision regarding my crew. From what I know, approximately 100 member of my crew will have to be cut and I will have no information to give them regarding their future.”

Ignoring the protest he continued, thought he clarified “You have 12 hours to complete the transfer to the Cheron, Captain. Once you are under way you are to patrol the Romulan-Klingon border and help secure it. You are authorized to repel any aggression, but take care you don’t start a war.” The words had been poison in his mouth. He was in effect ordering the death of any of his people that maybe looking to gain honor by retaking traditionally Klingon territory.

It did not escape Lunir’s notice that the Admiral was giving him permission to kill any Klingon he encountered. He wanted to make a comment on how he knew what it was like to lose your people, no matter the situation, but he decided against it. “Aye, sir. Am I authorized to use ALL resources aboard the Cheron,” Lunir stopped and smiled as he pondered the name. ~How ironic!~ he thought to himself.

“The Federation Council is adamant about helping the Romulan Star Empire survive this crisis; to secure and further good relations, as well as maintain stability in the quadrant. Even though a good deal of time has passed since the loss of Romulus things are far from stable. Surviving Reman forces are raiding relief ships and intel believes they may be trying to establish their own territory.

“There is territory that the Empire lost during the last Klingon Romulan War, and many want it back. You are authorized to protect the current border with whatever means are at your disposal. Just don’t start a war.”

After a pause Da`nal continued. “Remind any Klingon vessels you may encounter that the Federation aided the Empire after Praxis.”

Lunir nodded, “I will make sure to let them know that before the encounter escalates to violence.

“I just have one more question, sir: will this transfer be permanent?”

The Admiral considered the question and the possible reasons behind it. “I see no reason to bounce your crew from ship to ship do you?”

Lunir smiled broadly. “Of course not, sir. You will not be disappointed in my crew, as I am firmly home.

Da`nal grinned slightly, “Good. So if you survive the Cheron is yours. Qapla Captain!”

“Luck be with us all, sir.” Lunir gave a brief salute as he saw the Task Force 47 insignia reappear on the screen. He rose, a smile still on his face. He’d been glad to stretch his wings aboard the Edison and explore the different sides of his skill, but…to be back in the “thick of things!” The mere thought of it made him immensely joyful.

As he started to move to the door, a pang of sadness hit him in the gut: he’d be leaving his first command, his beloved Daystrom.

Rear-Admiral Da`nal of the House of Varal
Task Force Commanding Officer
Commanding – USS Achilles


Captain Conrad Gavin Lunir
Commanding Officer
USS Cheron, formerly of the USS Edison


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