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seven ways to get out of a meet and greet

Posted on Mon Jan 21st, 2013 @ 9:06pm by Lieutenant Commander Richard Lemieux

Mission: Things Gone Awry in Gamma Hydra
Location: First officers office
Timeline: prior to....Arrival


Richard had been running in three directions since he got up, his main duties as executive officer, the only intelligence officer, and occasionally an engineer, he was running between the three decks to the point of wondering if he was wearing a path in the deck.

In engineering he was getting updates on the retrofit of the new sensor array which was three hours from being completed, thanks largely to Conrad the acting Chief engineer. In intelligence he was simply trying to close an old case file of his so he could be a full time XO.

As he quickly strode too the turbo lift for the third time in an hour a crewman handed him a report on the other departments, he wondered if he was cut out for this. He noticed the lack of status updates from the operations section and Flight, and he didn't have time too chase them down.

As he circled the entered engineering for the third time he was looking over the last report, and spoke "Mr Schultz I assume that we are close to be on time?"

"I think so sir, I still can't see why we need such an advanced sensor array for this mission."

"That's not to be questioned, I just follow orders." Richard said

"We are on schedule, but I'd like more time to re test the control modules for this system."

"Lieutenant, just get the job done." Richard said as he left.

Taking a quick stride up too the turbo lift he was interrupted by another computer page to intelligence for a communique with starfleet. ~what now!??!~ he mused.

As he entered the small spartan office he looked at the blinking monitor keying in his passwords the message came up: =Freighter crew massacred, unknown instigator, will forward data if mission warranted. END=

Richard had a quick flash back too the last time he saw that message, the images still burned in his mind and were the fuel of his nightmares, he tried to contain the image of another slaughtered crew from his mind he saw another message pop up:

Dead man:
Our fury friends didn't do this.
New predators in town.
Teddy Bear

He hated those mini messages but he knew that this was going to be dumped on his desk again and he was already thinking he needed to see a shrink when the time came.

Richard exited the office and nearly mowed over a crewman who was looking for him, "Sir Admiral Jenkins is needing too speak too you immediately."

The line between a groan and a whine exited Richard lips, and he turned around and went back into the office and faked a smile, and for the next forty five minutes continued to do so as he was chewed out over a report that he hadn't filed because he wasn't the XO when this report was due, how he was a disgrace to the uniform because of it.

~I need a drink!~ is the only thought he could muster as the conference ended with admiral Jenkins realizing that he wasn't the XO when the report was due and that he was in fact still and intelligence officer at the time.

Debating the idea of breaking open his personal stash of ale or going to the bridge, he realized that duty came first.

Lt Cmdr Richard Lemieux.


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