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Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2013 @ 7:35pm by Captain Conrad Lunir Ph.D & Lieutenant James Robertson III

Mission: Things Gone Awry in Gamma Hydra
Location: Captain's Ready Room


Lunir walked through the Bridge and to his Ready Room before hitting his comm badge. "Lieutenant Robertson, report to my Ready Room."

Robertson jumped out of his chair as though there was a pin in in and walked the 30 steps to the turbolift "deck 1" he said as soon as he was inside, it took less than 2 seconds to get to the bridge he stepped out looked around till he saw the ready room door and went to it and rung the bell than he waited at attention.

"Enter," Lunir barked towards the door. He put down the update report he was currently reading and awaited the guest.

At that Lt Robertson walked into the room and stood at attention at the CO's desk.

Lunir rose. "Good day, Lieutenant. Please have a seat."

With a nervous grin he sat down and started wringing his hands.

"So, Helmsman, tell me about yourself."

"Well for one I would rather not be addressed as 'Helmsmen' second unless otherwise told to do so or there's an admiral or something I don't enforce formality" Robertson paused then said hurriedly "but I do perform all appropriate formality with superior officers" Robertson waited for any comments before he would continue.

Lunir was in awe for a few moments. "First off, I will address you as Helmsman when I do so choose. You are the chief helmsman of this ship, that is your foremost duty. It is your career and you should regard it as a mark of pride. As for enforcing formality, we maintain moderate formality aboard the Edison and you WILL enforce it. Am i clear?"

"Yes sir, to what extent?"

"Nothing extreme, but proper uniforms will be worn, officers and enlisted men will be addressed in the proper manner, etc."

"So only slightly more than I normally enforce I have been known to be on a first-name basis with enlisteds"

"A first name basis is a bit too formal when on duty."

James nodded "Understood sir"

"Good. Now, you are ordered to begin drilling your staff, shuttle and capital ship piloting. Any questions or concerns?"

James snapped to a seated form of attention "no questions sir".

Lunir rose. "Good. You are dismissed, Robertson. Welcome aboard."


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