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Arrival at Starbase 47

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2013 @ 7:17pm by Captain Conrad Lunir Ph.D & Lieutenant Commander Richard Lemieux & Lieutenant Adriana Harper & Lieutenant Taev Tricameron Ph.D & Lieutenant JG John Rhodes & Lieutenant Conrad Shultz

Mission: Things Gone Awry in Gamma Hydra
Location: Bridge; Transporter Room 1
Timeline: Day One

Captain Lunir walked onto the Edison's bridge, decked in the new uniform and overcoat. As he looked around, noticing some of the ongoing repairs, he admired the new bridge. It'd been redone at the Kzinti's Fleet Yards and it'd grown on him. A scowl crossed his face. "Ensign! Relieve yourself at earliest conveince and dress in PROPER uniform," he snapped at an apparently uniformed engineer. Realizing he'd embarrassed the young man, he walked over, patted him on the back, and walked to his seat, where he sat. "Helm, how long 'til we arrive at Starbase 47?"

"Just under thirty minutes, Captain," said the young Bolian Lt. JG. When he'd finished typing in a few commands, Lunir hit his comm badge. "Commander Lemieux, report to the bridge. All other senior staff members ,excluding Lt. Shultz, report to Transporter Room 1 in 25 minutes." He cut the comm and settled into his seat, grabbing a PaDD from the nearby stand.

Taev looked in the mirror studying the new uniform. The indigo made him look slimming, and went well with his piercing green eyes. Satisfied he made his way to the transporter.

Richard emerged from the turbolift, in standard dress uniform, "I hate these formal get together's any idea how to get out of this one?"

Taev handed the Executive Officer a communicator. "It's a secure line if you truly wish to exit the proceedings then press the green icon and say your name. Then you will receive a message on your other line that your supposed god-father has passed away in the night. That should grant you enough reason to excuse yourself from the proceedings."

"I'll keep that in mind." Mikeal commented.

Adriana found herself in the middle of repairing a tore ligament when the Captain's order ran out. Briefly pausing to look down at herself, the doctor realized that she was not exactly dressed for any formal event. A moan brought her back to the crewman on the bio-bed. "Hold still a little longer," the doctor told him before activating a pulsing blue instrument. "I'm almost done."

Finishing the hardest part, Doctor Harper signaled the other doctor on duty to take over. Not wasting any time, Adriana ran to her quarters, used the sonic shower, and changed into her formal dress within fifteen minutes. Feeling rushed but in control, the doctor arrived at the Transporter Room to find two other officers already present.

"Gentleman," Adriana greeted them.

The remaining senior members arrived almost simultaneously.

After begin signaled that the staff was ready for transport, the ensign at helm alerted him of their arrival. Lunir stood and straightened his uniform. "Good. Comm, hail the station."

"Edison, this is Starbase 47 Docking Control," said a heavily accented voice.

"Good day, Starbase. Requesting permission to Dock." After a few moments of sounds, the voice came back over.

"Welcome, Edison, and have a good stay!" Lunir nodded his head as the huge dock doors opened.

"Lieutenant Sright," Lunir barked to a nearby Tactical officer,"you are in charge of overseeing our docking. I'll be watching and listening, so considerthis a test." Not waiting for a response, he left the bridge for the transporter room. He arrived rather quickly and entered immediately. As he walked in, the transporter chief yelled, "Captian on deck!" and the room snapped to attention.

"Lets get this over with chief." Richard said as he looked at the transporter chief.

Lunir looked around as everyone boarded the transporter pad. "Engergize, Chief."



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