Learning Days Part 1

Posted on Wed Jun 20th, 2012 @ 10:14am by Lieutenant Alexandria Maxis

As she understood the need for herself to be unbiased, understanding, and patient, Alexandria just could not handle her professor's new assignment. Her professor wanted the class to interview criminally insane patients at an asylum. He gave them their criminals to interview based on the levels they were learning at over the course. Due to her high grade in the class she had received a rather notorious criminal to interview. She disliked being near criminals while on Earth on the basis that they might have blood ties to her. Alex let out a sigh from where she was sitting and staring blankly at the wall as her roommate looked up at her from the gossip story on her paDD.

As she began to frown more and unconciously pass along her bad mood, Cympris, her roommate, stood and began to fuss at her. "Honestly Alex, get up and go interview the crazy. You are the top dog in the course so stop being chicken and go get the info. I know and the whole grade knows that you can handle this with no problem. Besides no one wants to hear the old man have a conniption because his favorite student refused to do a major grade." As she spoke she was gathering Alex's things and moving her to the door.

"So as a way to help keep you motivated, I, the amazing Cympris, am locking you out the room until you do the project. Adios my Italian friend." Cympris said pushing Alex out the room and tossing her books and ID into the hall. Then she gave a wave and shut the door. Alex stared at the door for split second before banging on the door.

"Let me in Cympris! I'll do the assignment later!" She shouted as she began to knock harshly on the door.

"No you won't." Cympris said casually as she went back to her paDD. "You'll put it off and never do it and cause the old man to have heart failure."

"Why do you keep calling him old? He's like only forty." Alex said now fustrated with her stubborn friend.

"You should hurry to the Communications Center if you plan on getting a private room and forty is like ancient. Au revoir." Cympris said before trying to completely ignore anything else Alex would say.

Cursing under her breath, Alex picked up her things and yelled at the door, "Earlier you said good bye in Spanish and now French? I'm bloody Italian so its 'arrivederci'!"

"Whatever! Leave before you have to crash in someone else's dorm cause you haven't done the assignment. Besides you just used British slang now go and arriverderki to you." Cympris shouted agitated.

"Brat." Alexandria muttered and moved quickly to the Communications Center, not realizing how the assignment would impact her greatly.