The Sim

The USS Ediosn is a Daystrom class surveyor. The Daystrom was dreamed up alongside the Intrepid, who was eventually chose over her. The Daystrom would become the vessel of the future, making up for gaps in both the militarized Intrepid and the purely science based Nova, as well as replace the aging Oberth class vessel. In 2371, the USS Daystrom was launched and began the return to Starfleet's mission that the Dominion War interrupted.

=----History of the Daystrom Class----=

The idea of the Daystrom Class vessel emerged alongside the Intrepid in the 2350s. But, with the emergence of the Borg threat in the 2360s, Starfleet Command tasked the designers to refit the designs to present a vessel that could be constructed quickly and still increase the Fleet's military strength. Thankfully, the Daystorm's designers were unable to complete the change in such a short timeline and the Daystrom was tossed to the back burner in favor of the Intrepid.

But, when the second Intrepid class vessel disappeared, Command began to think it had made a mistake in choosing the Intrepid. In 2371, Command sent in a request for a new vessel to replace the Intrepid.

But, the designers had to undo all of the changes they'd made in the first overhaul that led to the ship resembling the Excelsior.

=----Advances of the Daystrom----=

The Daystrom class vessel was built, ironically, for the future: to return Starfleet to its mission of exploration, peace, and goodwill. The design team began with the weapons. The Daystrom would be poorly armed compared to most vessels. Its Type VIII Phasers were refitted to free 5% of the internal volume for diplomatic reception areas and guest quarters.

The saucer section was also redesigned to accommodate the sensor advances made with the Nova. The primary sensor array was refitted and the secondary array replaced, increasing the already impressive sensor capability by 19%. The deflector arrays are, perhaps, the most impressive feature of the Daystrom class. The remarkable scientific facilities aboard are able to perform their own scans using two deflector arrays that, when combined with the main array, could cut through the densest disturbance.

The Daystrom's nacelles were refitted to allow for moderately high warp speed without contamination of spacial anomalies. The Daystrom fils in gaps left by both the Nova and Intrepid. While not able to give as much of a beating as the Intrepid, it is larger and its shields are much stronger and more effective than those of most ships. The Daystrom is faster than the Nova and its facilities better equipped and more advanced while also more heavily armed than the Nova. Another plus are the diplomatic quarters and reception areas it boasts.

All in all, the Daystrom was built to present a true image of the Federation: peaceful, advance, but able to handle itself. It is no gargantuan explorer, like the Galaxy, but that only enables it to be more maneuverable and allows it more flexibility in scientific assignments as well as diplomatic matters.

The USS Edison is more than just the high-tech advances of the Daystrom class. It's a bright beacon of light shining in an area where such a ship with such a mission is rarely seen. The Edison is much more than anyone not aboard can understand, it's hope, it's peace, it's Starfleet.